Large adhesive Lambretta Style
  • Large adhesive Lambretta Style

Large adhesive Lambretta Style

BLACK VINYL - MEDIUM SIZE 30cm x 6,50cm approx.

An easy way to decorate without paint.
Vinyl adhesive.
In just a few minutes you can give a radical change to any room, giving the effect of being painted.
Very easy to place:
Put on smooth surfaces (wall, fridge, furniture ...)). Remove the paper very little by little and put on the wall. While it is hooked you are giving it a ruler or a DNI above the paper that you are removing in order to smooth the vinyl well on the flat surface, and you are slowly removing the paper from above verifying that it hooks well.
Very similar to a decal without using water.
Hanging in an outdoor place, such as a car, they withstand about 4 years the effect of sun and rain.