CD Digipack The Sanitizers
  • CD Digipack The Sanitizers

CD Digipack The Sanitizers


Recording an album is not easy, especially if the band lives at different ends of the planet.
"Los Saneadores", is a punk style band
that has recorded an album that brings together 10 songs that denounce the harsh and cruel situations that are lived today.
The members of the group are Iker Luarizaristi -Vocals- (Eskoriatza, Euskal Herria), Juan Coronel "Juancho" -Guitar- (Buenos Aires, Argentina) and Pablo Segade "Chirola" -Drums- (Cordoba, Argentina).
It has also been important the participation of Victor Coronel "Mandinga", in charge of the designs and illustrations, he has also recorded the drums in two Topics.
Hodei Luarizaristi has put backing vocals and vocals in several
songs and have also had Pedro J. Monge, who apart from being in charge of the mixing and mastering of the songs has recorded the basses.
Almost three years ago it all began, between the pandemic and everything usual that has us at all times with the rope around his neck, Chirola and Iker took the first steps. Although they have never met in person, they have been playing albums for many years and thanks to that good relationship, the idea arose to record an album with several songs that Iker had in the drawer. Chirola explained the idea to Juancho and he also joined the project. Each one would record on his own his contribution to the songs.
To put it all together they decided to go to Chromaticity Studios, Asua (Bizkaia). Pedro J. Monge has been commissioned and thanks to his great work, they have been able to publish this first album.
The cover is striking, in it you can see the church of San Pedro de Eskoriatza (Euskal Herria) in flames.
There have been many friends who have collaborated, among them are Evaristo from "Tropa do Carallo", Koke from "Asalto", Xabi from "Vuelko", a group where Iker plays guitar, and Matías from "Piquillín y los compadres", Chirola's band.


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