Fanzine Bruxism No. 7
  • Fanzine Bruxism No. 7

Fanzine Bruxism No. 7

ref LB-053

DIN A4, 120 pages.

  1. Life Goes On, by Javi Bayo
  2. Attitude means style. Style means attitude: Youth archetypes in the British cinema of the sixties, by Alejandro Jiménez
  3. The Balkan War to the rhythm of TurboFolk, by Víctor Terrazas
  4. Interview with Kuala Lumpur Soul, by Alejandro Alvarfer
  5. Wilhelm Reich: Lights and shadows of the eccentric communist disciple of Freud, by Ícar J. Iranzo
  6. The gypsy genocide of Ferdinand VI, by Manuel Alvargonzález
  7. Equality on the scaffold or the calvary of Olympe de Gouges, by A. Saralegui
  8. Life in a plastic bag, by Guillem Serra Cros
  9. Unpopular Utopias: Robots that Take Our Jobs, by Adela Domínguez
  10. The geopolitics of the pandemic, by Marta Dressen
  11. Bitter Love in the Age of Innocence, by Alejandro Alvarfer
  12. Interview with Stewart Home, by Alejandro Alvarfer
  13. Interview with the publishing house Malas Tierras, by Alejandro Alvarfer

ref LB-053