Book The History of Urban Kaos
  • Book The History of Urban Kaos

Book The History of Urban Kaos


231 pages
"I didn't even need to meet them in person, a few years ago, to realize that they were real people. Sku and his family are surrounded by the halo that every beaten dog that manages to survive preserves, the formula that makes you incorruptible in the antechamber of the indestructible... Immune and eternal. From the first generation Punk Oi! of the state, to the last. You can smell it 25 years later live, anywhere on the map, next to the essence of the old way. The one that writes with the guts and that can only spin the pierced hearts and the brains attached to a detonator.
And it makes it not only count what is said ... But also the how. And, regardless of everything you can hear from them, with the fucking truth as a banner.
It had been a while since I had seen anything like this. Something that, unfortunately, is increasingly strange to find in this beardless XXI century. In our noisy world of misfits, they take the cake, along with a few. All our respect, our friendship and, why not, our admiration.
Long live the Oi! siblings. Thanks to you it will be. Once again, the nobodies, those who forgot to kill at birth, will gather in the streets below, possessors of the old and eternal youth, never to forget who we are.
For a thousand more years of bronde and rebellion.
Zorionak, brothers, ta eskerrik asko"

Podri (Rat-zinger)